Board game

To do something else than sports-all-the-time, we'll meet on Saturday, 24th of June, 3 pm at Schleichersee to go swimming (in a leisurely way, since we're not doing sports). After that, we booked a table at Café Immergrün where we want to have a board game party.


If you want to get to know us (or even if you already do know us), feel free to join! Please drop us a short message so we can be sure to have booked for enough people :)


Like every year, we can't use the gym during the school holidays in summer. Instead we'll meet for beach volleyball from the 26th of June to the 9th of August.


Sportclub Paradiesvögel e.V.

We're seven years old - and we'll celebrate this year by having a BBQ in the paradise-park. We bring the grill and the charcoal, you're responsible for the grillables and the entertainment!

We meet on sunday, 21st of May from 4 pm. Everybody can join of course, no matter if you already know us or not.


We are expanding!


From now on, we're also going swimming together!


We have a new website. How exciting! At the moment it's still under construction.