Our history


Who are we?

The Sportclub Paradiesvögel e.V. is the first sports club for gays and lesbians in the Jena area. Our club originated from a regular weekly volleyball meeting which has been held since 2009 with the support of Queerweg e.V. in the Karl-Volkmar-Stoy-school in Jena.

Why does Jena need a sports club for gays and lesbians?

In sports, even in amateur sports, homophobia is still commonplace. Especially in team sports, no one wants to seem 'different' because they'd have to be afraid of their acceptance in the team. Coming out in a sports club is often taboo for gays and lesbians because of that. New members whose athletic performance is still below the team level have it twice as hard.

For this reason sports clubs for gay and lesbians have been established in many German cities over the last few decades. The club 'Vorspiel Berlin', as an example, has been founded in 1986 and has been growing from a small volleyball team to a association with more than 1000 members and 30 different sports today. With this it's one of the biggest homosexual sports clubs in Europe!

Sports clubs for homosexuals allow their members training and playing without being burdened down by thoughts about being different. Apart from the athletic developement, fun is priority. And with a drink after training, people can exchange experiences about their lives or dealing with their sexuality and make friends.

We invite all lesbians, gays and of course everyone else from Jena and the aurrounding area to participate in our soirts club!


The club has been brought into being by it's eight founding members on the 26th of April 2010. Since 14th of June 2010 we are officially registered at the register of associations of the district court in Jena under VR 231438. We are recognised as a non-profit-organisation by the Jena tax authorities.

Membership and fees

The annual membership fees are currently

      Sport    Volleyball    Running   


(admision GalaxSea)

  Adults   48 €   36 €   40 € / 10 hours
  Kids or discount
  30 €   24 €   30 € /10 hours


Passive members pay 21 € a year.